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South Asian

South Asians are at high risk for developing heart disease and stroke at a young age, even if there are no symptoms. Many people, including health care professionals, are not aware of the increased risk and the need for early prevention and treatment.

The purpose of the South Asian CV Clinic is to provide comprehensive cardiovascular risk screening to people of South Asian ethnicity.  We believe that by providing early intervention we can help to reduce the risk of developing heart disease and diabetes. We provide ethnic appropriate and sensitive screening, education, counseling, prevention, and treatment in a number of South Asian languages. 

The clinic caters to South Asian men and women over 30 years of age with health indications such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity / overweight, smoking history, or any direct relatives with early onset heart disease (parent, sibling, child). the services are provided only upon physician referral, who should determine if you need the assessment / treatment at this specialized clinic.


The clinic is a specialized centre in Brampton, dedicated to serving unique needs of the South Asian community pertaining to cardiovascular risk reduction. The exclusive services offered include:

  • Assessment by leading cardiovascular specialists.

  • Personalized heart disease risk evaluation and report card.

  • Education on heart disease and risk factors in a variety of languages.

  • Counseling on diet and lifestyle changes.

  • Detailed cardiovascular testing as needed.

  • Access to services through OHIP.

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