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Cardiovascular Disease
in South Asians

The Conference on “Cardiovascular Disease in South Asians” was initiated in 2017, and has been designed to equip participants to identify, evaluate and treat South Asian patients with, and at risk of cardiovascular disease. In addition, participants learn about culturally appropriate diet and exercise recommendations and understand the role of genetics, as well as any new risk factors to explain the heightened probability of getting the disease. This program is accredited every year and being offered to family physicians and cardiovascular specialists.

Since the onset of Covid-19 pandemic in 2019, the program is held live online and then made available for OnDemand viewing on The online program is accessible from a dedicated program webpage that provides information about various program session. Slides are downloadable from the webpage, interactivity is maintained through live polling questions included throughout the program, and the session supports and encourages Q&A with the faculty through the online platform. An online evaluation is completed in the same webcast window after the program and participants are provided a certificate of attendance along with their credits.

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