Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is a major health concern for the South Asian community in Canada, and it is a challenge that requires the support of everyone in the community. SANSAR is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of South Asians and relies on the generosity of donors to achieve its mission. If you're looking for a way to make a positive impact in your community, consider donating to SANSAR and help mitigate the risk of CVD in the South Asian community.

Ways to donate:

There are many ways to support SANSAR, and every gift, no matter the size, makes a difference. You can make a one-time donation, or you can make a monthly or annual donation to support SANSAR's ongoing work. Whether you're an individual or a business, your support is essential in helping SANSAR achieve its mission. All donations can be made via online payment portal on the website, or by cheque in the name of SANSAR Foundation.

In addition to making a direct financial contribution, you can also support SANSAR by spreading the word about its work. Encourage your friends and family to learn more about SANSAR and its efforts to mitigate the risk of CVD in the South Asian community. You can also join SANSAR's social media channels to stay updated on its initiatives and events, and share these with your network.

For the affluent in the community, SANSAR also offers opportunities to get involved as a corporate sponsor or to donate through a planned giving program. These options provide a unique opportunity for individuals and businesses to make a significant impact in the South Asian community and help to mitigate the risk of CVD.

Levels of donations:

There are four levels of donations and donor recognition offered in sansar:

One-off donations.

One may donate to SANSAR once; or give the same amount several times throughout the year. There is no planned recurring schedule or written expectation of when and how the donation will be made.

Periodic donations.

Recurring or periodic donation is when you chose to make regular, ongoing donations to SANSAR. These consistent gifts, known as recurring donations, will help our long-term fundraising success and retention goals.

Project-specific donations.

These donations are often tied to a specific project or initiative of SANSAR, or perhaps a special subcategory within our services that is close to your heart. Whatever the reasoning behind it, it means that that money will only be used for that specific purpose, in respect of which our donor has specified restrictions or conditions limiting the way in which the funds can be spent.


Creating a trust fund with SANSAR after you or a loved one has passed away is a responsible and thoughtful way to ensure that your legacy continues to make a positive impact on the world. With SANSAR, you can design a trust fund that reflects your values and priorities; and directs your assets towards causes that matter to you. SANSAR makes it easy to give back to your community and country in a meaningful way. Additionally, by creating a trust fund with SANSAR, you can ensure that your wealth is managed efficiently and responsibly, maximizing its impact over time. So, honor your loved ones and your legacy by creating a trust fund with SANSAR today.

Donor Categories:

  • Benefactor - 100,000+.
  • Patron - $75-100K.
  • Contributor - $50-75,000.
  • Supporter - $25-50,000.
  • Donor/Friend - $1-25,000.

Your Generosity Is Appreciated!

SANSAR immensely values the generosity of its supporters, whether big or small. Every penny counts, and we do your best to make our donors experience the worth they have in our eyes. SANSAR demonstrates its gratitude to its donors through:

  • Gala tickets.
  • Name on digital Donor Wall on screen in Osler Cardiology waiting room.
  • Name on Donor Wall on website.
  • Tickets to SANSAR special events.
  • Certificate of appreciation.
  • Write-ups about the donor and link to website.
  • Special report sent at end of year with update.
  • Invitation to SANSAR activities and programs.

Donor Recognition:

Without the philanthropy of our donors, SANSAR would not have been able to strive for improved healthcare of South Asian community in Canada. To acknowledge the gifts of our supporters permanently, SANSAR mentions the names of our donors in social media posts, as well as periodic newsletters. 

In Recognition of our generous donors, SANSAR places their names on the Donor Recognition Wall on our website.

If your name is not yet on the wall, once your total giving has reached the initial level of Supporter, your name will be added to the wall at the appropriate level. The Donor Wall displays the names of our donors at their highest level of giving and are updated annually. Requests for anonymity will be respected.


Donor Wall

Benefactor $100,000+

Aquanta Group Inc Aquanta Group Inc

Contributor $50,000 - $75,000

Bayer Bayer
Burgendy Asset Management Ltd Burgundy Asset Management Ltd

Supporter $25,000 - $50,000

Kothari Group Kothari Group

Donor/Friend $1,000 - $25,000

Acura of North Toronto Acura of North Toronto
CIBC Private Wealth Management CIBC Private Wealth Management
Dil Walk Foundation Dil Walk Foundation
Dilawri Group Of Companies Dilawri Group Of Companies
Greg Dowdall
Louis Beria
Narendra Singh
Neelam Narula
Private Giving Foundation Private Giving Foundation
RBC Foundation
Sayal Charitable Foundation
Simply Audiobooks Inc
Syed Faraz Masood Med Prof Corp
Vivek Gulati